by First Thought Worst Thought

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my house flooded and I had a fever


released November 18, 2015

Hugo Peretti, Luigi Creatore, and George David Weiss wrote track 3
Paul did harmonies on tracks 1 2 3 and 5




First Thought Worst Thought

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Track Name: Cat Lady
I am a woman of moderate means and my lovers a man and he says he loves me
in the heat of the moment, but when he rolls off, it's like flipping a switch first he's hard then he's soft
does he love me enough? does he love me at all?

I am waiting

meet my new cat he's a pretty sweet guy, he loves me sometimes yeah he loves me sometimes
and he'll give me a kiss, if I treat him right, and if he fucks up then I'll cut off his nuts
does he love me enough? does he love me enough?

I am waiting

the girl int he mirror don't look all that well, she's gathering courage she'll be done in a spell, but the bills are coming in and she don't know what to do.

I am waiting
Track Name: Tinder Part II
He seems an easier catch
He's got a face for TV
He responds when you ask
"what do you want?"
He says "ain't that obvious dude?"
I want you
I want you
I want you
I want you
I just follow my heart
Cause the heart wants what it wants
You seem uncertain again
your face twists to a snarl
when we talk about him
you say the heart wants what it wants.
Track Name: New Job
Got a new job it seems pretty sweet
I'm gonna teach some kids
and I hope they're sweet to me
I hope they're sweet to me

It sucks sometimes when you feel like shit
but when it's par for the course,
it softens every hit
it softens every hit

and you say to yourself "i'll be ok, if not right now, I'll make it someday"
then your sister calls on the phone, your uncle's in the hospital
and that shit bums you out again, but wait awhile you'll forget about it

one day we'll be ok
Track Name: Shangri-La
When I was a teen
I wanted to leave
Head to Shangri-La
in the East
I'd live on a Paddy's slope
wet and weak
With the rice to keep my mind off my feelings
I won't have to think about
student loans
and I'll live inside a house
I call a home

and if it leaks
that's ok
and if i'm weak
that's ok