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Hangover music


released August 30, 2015

Art by Dee

thanks Dee

New Apartment by Paul

thanks Paul




First Thought Worst Thought

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Track Name: Tinder
Tried to see your point of view
a creep a weirdo ugly new
face that's staring at you from your screen.

curiosity takes hold of you
am I witty maybe I'll amuse
but like every dude before i'll act

desperate bored needy and lame
It's all the same

You break the Ice say I look cool
I'm humble but then so are you
and we chat about the music scene

I'm scared that I might get cold feet
so I belly flop into the deep
but the lake was ice and now it's closed
And I'm a weirdo
I suppose

And I didn't quit without a fight
Cause I didn't have to break the ice
Track Name: Call Dodger
They look at me funny
when I tell them my age
"I thought you were younger
from your pitiful state"
I've seen all my friends go
and pass me in life
this was a mistake
cause you still wanna die

I thought this was freedom
I'd be happy and broke
I can't tell my friends or they'd think I'm a joke
if they didn't already
I think I'm a loser x infinity
Track Name: Lady Ashley
lady ashley holds your hand
as she wanders to the dance floor
she is liquid and she is grace
30 years at a pace
and she dances to and fro
lonely but not alone

you go fishing in Spain
with your fake friends
that all share your pain
and how Robert looks like you
both so easily abused

You were running from yourself
from the ex-pats
what a fool
braved the war but not the peace
when do heroes sleep?

but who am I to judge?
I see myself in everything she does.
Track Name: Tumblr
I fell in love with a girl
she had blue hair and it fell in loose curls

I know what we had wasn't real
still I held on tight cause I wanted to feel

I know it's not right
But It's ok she didn't love me anyways

If I'd stay
Would you stay?
Track Name: New Apartment(Paul's song)
Sitting alone in my new apartment
why did I do this?
what was I trying to prove?

I'm alone with my books and boredom
nothing has changed but the zipcode and distance from those

that I love
why was I so selfish?
running away as if nobody needs me or
wants me around
I'm such an asshole
Leaving you high
bleeding you dry
leaving you high
bleeding you dry
Track Name: Stick Bug
I have tried so hard
to seem like a cool dude
but then Georgie comes with questions
and he's just too smart to fool

and he asks about my parents
and he talks about his marriage
and I try to get a word in edgewise
but he don't care
just like I don't care

so here I sit in my bedroom talking to my cat like she cares what I have to say it's not fair at all

So maybe I'll try to be a better dad for her and I'll feed her and come home at a regular time every night.
Track Name: Festival
San Fermin is a place I've never been
but I know it all the same
It's my limestone and it's my Cait
it's my stealing from Aaron Maine

and I've always know that I'll die alone

Hopeless fights and fictions swoon
on hopeless nights, I hope you shake the gloom
Track Name: hey angels
Found comfort in arches
Hey angels